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Handsome Horse France 2018. Part of Handsome Horse.

Feeds in stock

These are the list of feeds that are currently in stock. The stock may vary from each delivery to suit the current requirements. All feeds can be ordered to ensure that you have what you require.


The ultimate pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling hard work, improving stamina & promoting condition


Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

The perfect low calorie, high fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses and ponies. Apprroved by the Laminitis Trust


Healthy Hooves Molasses free

A nutritionally balanced, low calorie, high fibre feed for leisure horses & ponies, containing essential nutrients for healthy hooves


Dengie Good Do-Er

A high fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses and ponies with added vitamins and minerals.

Blend of alfalfa & soft straw, ideal for the overweight or that maintain their weight easily


Spillers Happy Hoof

A unique, low calorie fibre blend suitable for those prone to laminitis. Happy Hoof is the first complete chopped fibre approved by the Laminitis trust


Mollichaff ShowShine

A high oil chaff for the ultimate show condition, suitable for all horses & ponies. Cherry flavouring gives ShowShine a delicious taste and smaell making it highly palatable even to the fussiest of feeders


Mollichaff Original

A high quality chaff combining straw and a light dressing of molasses with the addition of calcium. Naturally high in fibre, contains added Limestone to provide calcium for strong bones & healthy growth


TopChop Sport

A highly palatable alfalfa and grass chop for horses with  higher energy requirements. Light soya oil coating, dust extracted to help breathing and no added sugar or molasses


Pegasus Chaff

Ideal for bulking out cubes and mixes to encourage chewing, extend eating time and support healthy digestion. Low in sugar with added garlic


Pegasus Mix

A value mix suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Non-Heating with no compromise on quality.


D&H Sixteen plus mix

A conditioning feed specially formulated to support veteran horse health. High Calorie giving a good source of quality protein, providing essential amino acids, added glucosamine & MSM


Spillers Cool Mix

Providing a naturally balanced energy for horses & ponies with low to medium energy requirements.

Contains all the vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet to support your horses all round, long term health


Pegasus Cubes

Best Value cubes for all horses and ponies in light work. Non-heating

No compromise in quality just great value


TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes

Non-heating but conditioning calories, ideal for those that need condition but not fizz.

Contains No Cereal, low in sugar & starch and high in fibre


TopSpec Fibre Plus Cubes

An exceptionally good quality high fibre cube, ideal for good doers or as a hay replacer. Cereal free, very low in sugar and starch. Soya and linseed are added to support muscle function and repair


Micronised Linseed

Full Fat micronised linseed provides health within and appearance without. High in Omega 3,6 &9. High energy combined with low starch beneficial to those prone to Laminitis


Coolstance Coprameal

A premium quality coconut (copra) meal, made from the white part of the coconut.  Rich in protein, the oil assists coat condition and provides a high content of digestable energy.



A quick soak beet pulp with no added molasses.

Starch free , low in sugar so safe for laminitics

Easily digested providing a non heating, slow release of energy


D&H Barley Rings

A complete feedingstuff specifically for adult horses & ponies, especially those needing to gain weight. Cooked Barley & linseed, supplemented with vitamins & Minerals, Easy to feed, can be fed dry or soaked as a mash


Spillers Lite & Lean Balancer

Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to balance a calorie restricted diet. High in amino acids to support lean muscle & topline, added magnesium, cereal free, low in starch and sugar


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