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Handsome Horse France 2020. Part of Handsome Horse.



Here at Handsome Horse France we appreciate the importance of the equine wardrobe to you and your horse, which is why we will always wash rugs to the manufacturers recommended instructions in our commercial machines.

We use professional washes and proofing as well as some specialised washing products to ensure that we provide the best service to revive your horses clothing.

We not only wash your horses wardrobe but we cater for your canine too! Dog rugs and beds washed with a purpose designed washing liquid

We are also horse owners ourselves and fully understand 100% the needs and requirements of our customers.

* Expel wash -effective against strangles & ringworm

* Sheepskin conditioner

* Merino & Wool Wash

* Fleece Wash

* Summer Shield Spray - helps your horse rug to repel flies

* Sensitive Skin

* MuckyMuts Dogbed wash


* Patches                          from  2e

* Buckles                       from  1,5e

* Surcingle                                4e

* Leg Strap                            3,5e

* Replace velcro from              2e

Bespoke repairs charged at

5e for 15 mins

If you can’t see what you require, just ask

Wash & Dry

* Std Turnout                    10e

* Turnout with Neck        12e

* Std Stable                        10e

* Stable with Neck            12e

* Neck Covers                      6e

* Fleece/waffle/fly..             8e

* Numnah/saddlecloth       3e

* Travel Boots                     8e

* Brushing Boots (pr)         4e

* Bandages (4)                    3e

* Dog Beds                          8e

LWash & Proof

** Std Turnout               18e

* Turnout with Neck     20e

* Neck Covers               10e

* Fleeces                        15e

(Proofed in Polar Proof)

* Travel Boots              10e

* Dog Beds                     8e  aliquac sapien. Fusce h Suspendis nisl, vitae congue leo velit a massa. Quisque nec justo a turpis posuere tristique.Maecenas condimentum tincidunt lorem. Vestibulum vel tellus. Sed vulputate. Morbi massa nunc, convallis a, commodo gravida, tincidunt sed, turpis. Aenean ornare viverra est. Maecenas lorem. Aenean euismod iaculis dui. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis

Rug Drop Off.

15 Chez Touraud. 83430, Luchapt

Collection Point

Lesterie, St.Maurice des Lions


Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

6 Rue Charles Poitevine, Rochechoart

Or Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire

In Safe Hands

As soon as your rugs go into our workshop we tag them with your name to ensure we can track them through the process. They will then be dealt with to your orders using your chosen products.


As part of a professional horse clothing designers and manufactures, we can offer repairs to all types of rugs and you can rest assured we know what we are doing

No repairs will be undertaken without client knowledge. A full Devis can be issued upon request

Click Here for Booking In Form